NaNoWriMo – Mission Accomplished!

NaNoWriMo endpoint.png

50,010 words finished @ 19:00 on the 30th November.

Cutting it relatively fine, but at least I wasn’t typing until midnight! Feels so good!

Today I’ve managed just more than 4,200 words – the most I’ve ever put down in a day. I even managed to come up with a title, about mid-morning; so, I’m feeling a bit smug.

Now, all I need to do is carry the momentum forward, because the first draft isn’t finished. I think there’s probably in the region of 20k still to go. Then it needs reworking, editing…etc.

Congrats to everyone who took part – whether you made it or not. It’s taught me a few lessons, but I’m too tired to write about them now!

But, the most important is this. I have learnt I can write volume. Consistently large word counts every day. Although there’s been one or two days where I haven’t written (for one reason or another I won’t be drawn into), when I have written I’ve done 2.5-4.2k per day. A respectable rate, I think. In fact, if you include this mini-blog, today has been more like 4.5k. Result!

Thanks to everyone who supported at Thanet Writers particularly Alice who’s been there every week for us. It’s great to see our Friday Write-In session spawned a small group of new writing friends who will continue to meet to help each other, critique, natter and drink coffee at Cliff’s CafĂ© in Cliftonville (and thanks to them for hosting us!).

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