HG Wells Short Story Competition: 2019 Winners Announced

Time 2019 Cover

Congratulations to everyone who was shortlisted for the HGWSSC, but especially to our junior prize winner, Krystal Song (Da Capo) from San Francisco and our senior prize winner, Bev Haddon (An Alternate Ending) from the UK. Along with their certificates, Krystal and Bev win a cash prize and inclusion in the 2019 anthology, Time.

We were very lucky to be joined by Silé Edwards of the UK’s biggest agency, Curtis Brown. She gave a very informative talk on the do’s and don’ts of working with an agent. Over the course of the day, I think I spotted a fair number of our shortlisted authors and guests having some interesting 1-to-1 discussions as well! Let’s hope these bear fruit!

You can see the full announcement, here, on the HGWSSC, complete with readings from Krystal and Bev. At some point, we’ll put up PDFs of their story for your to take a look at, but in the meantime the Kindle version of the book is up on Amazon, here, and the paperback will be available on both Amazon and through the HGWSSC website shortly.

The eagle-eyed will see I’ve got my first editing credit on the cover!

Don’t forget, there’s a stack of other HGWSSC anthologies on Amazon, including the 2013 Flight and the 2015 Class, both of which yours truly was shortlisted in. BEFORE I became a judge or committee member, I hasten to add!.

You can read my shortlisted entries here: Free Stories.

At the end of the ceremony, Charles Bain-Smith announced next year’s theme. It being 2020 what else could we choose but…


Submissions for Vision will open in the new year, and the competition will close at midnight on the 11th July – so no need to rush yet… get those great ideas in order, draft and refine…

Plenty of time

Have fun!

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