The Hero, Alone and some Agents


Hi folks!

Just a quick update on a couple of things going on. It’s been busy, busy, busy!

First thing is: I have a very short (sub-500) word piece of flash published today (10th Feb)  on Thanet Writers about a marriage at the end of its tether. Pop on over and have a quick look, go on, it won’t take long!

Alone – flash fiction by Lee

On the 13th Feb Thanet Writers will also be publishing my essay on Are You Sitting Comfortably. Workstation ergonomics isn’t thrilling, but it is important when we sit in front of a screen for hours at a time.

Secondly, my first novel, Waterguard, is now being circulated to agents – very exciting. It’s going out to UK and US agents, focusing on those that deal specifically with horror.

My third piece of news is that the prequel to Waterguard, tentatively titled Ynys Thanatos, is now about 50% through draft. Obviously very rough. I hope to complete it by March. Still, the best laid plans, etc.

My fourth piece of news is that Inspirations Writers Group are launching their Green anthology on Saturday 15th Feb at the Old Kent Market in Margate. I’m delighted to say my short story, The Hero, is included amongst the fifteen odd (and a few not so odd) authors’ contributions. Come along and support the launch if you can – you’ll also be able to buy previous anthologies from the group (including Yellow, which I’m also in) and maybe some of the contributors own publications.

Work on a short story for Blue, the next in the series, begins imminently! Most of my ideas so far have been unprintable in a family oriented anthology, so I’ll have to brainstorm some better ideas!

Inspirations Launch of Green


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