And The Hero Makes Five


To celebrate the inclusion of my short story, The Hero, in the Inspirations Writers’ Group anthology, ‘Green’, I’ve made it available as one of my Free StoriesYou can find it here.  It’s the story of a reluctant goblin striving to save her race from the threat of human expansion.

Available on Kindle or as hard copy from Carol Salter’s store. If its not there yet, I’m sure it will be soon! I also have access to copies if you really want one. ‘Yellow’ and the other anthologies in the series – ‘Orange’ and ‘Red’ are also available in her store (or from me). I think they may also be on Amazon.

I only joined the Inspirations group during the development of ‘Yellow’, so I’m not in ‘Red’ or ‘Orange’.  In ‘Yellow’, my contribution is Johnny in the Waiting Room, where Johnny awakes to find himself in an other-worldly waiting room, his eternal future on the line.

There are many fine writers within the pages of Inspiration’s rainbow anthology series. If you can, please support them by buying a copy – or even the whole set – deals available!

My other physical copy publications include a short-listed story in each of the 2013 and 2015 HG Wells Short Story Competition anthologies. I also have an editing credit on the 2019 anthology.

All the HGW anthologies are available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions. Both stories, Diaspora (2013) and Degrees of Separation (2015), can be found on my website in the Free Stories section.

Both IWG and HGW are not for profit organisations that are on a mission to elevate the art of creative writing. It would be great if you could support them!


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