A Couple of New Bits


Hi all.

I hope everyone is bearing up under the restrictions. For some it will be an opportunity to crack on with something creative or they’ve been putting off for a while—like writing, for others the worry of the situation will be too much to focus on anything. My sympathies if you fall into the latter category. I’m somewhere in between, and it really depends on how the day takes me.

Meanwhile, here’s a picture of Harry, our ancient moggie, helping me with my editing.

Despite Harry’s intrusions, I have managed to get a couple of articles into Thanet Writers. Both essays on the practicalities of writing rather than the craft or anything fictional.

I’m hoping the first, Should You Enter a Writing Competition, will be the start of a couple of connected pieces about how to maximise your chances of shortlisting. These draw on my experience as an HG Wells Short Story Competition judge. You can find it here:

Should You Enter a Writing Competition

second is an article on Computer Health and Safety, published today. Ironically, it’s about how to avoid viruses and put yourself in a position not to lose any of your hard work when something goes ping! in your laptop and crashes the disk. Not exciting, but necessary. Find it here:

Computer Health and Safety

I hope to have a short story going live on Thanet Writers very soon, but in the meantime, don’t forget I’ve got an archive of some of my favourites, here.

Stay safe, everyone. Stay home.

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