‘Clear Blue Water’ published in Le Menteur and Green anthology shortlisted for award

A very quick update to say that my prose-poem, ‘Clear Blue Water’, has been published for the third time in Le Menteur – the Paris based literary and arts magazine. Previously published in the Creative Inspirations anthology Blue and in the now defunct online literary magazine Blue Nib; making it my most published piece by a factor of 3!

Find it here: Le Menteur 2020-21

In (mostly) unrelated news, the Creative Inspirations anthology, Green, has been shortlisted for the National Association of Writing Groups prize for anthologies! Congratulations to all those authors in the anthology, Carol Salter (the group’s chair) and especially to Karen Ince (Editor) who puts so much effort into getting it published. My short story, ‘The Hero’ is one amongst many included.

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