Ham, Egg and Chips shortlisted for Wells Prize, 2021

I’m absolutely delighted to let you know that my short story—Ham, Egg and chips—has been shortlisted in the 2021 H.G. Wells Short Story Competition for the Wells Prize (the new name for the Grand Prize, aimed at adult authors).

Set in the near future, it’s a dystopian tale of desolation and cannibalism set on the Kent coast.

I’ve had the story kicking around for some years, following a writing provocation at Inspiration Writers Group. The 300 word homework turned into a 1300 word short, which became a 6000 and then 7500 word piece. Following some judicious editing by Karen Ince, and encouragement to keep honing it to the best it could be by Tony Osgood, it ended up at just under 5000—the word limit for the competition. Thanks go to both for their support.

I was previously shortlisted in 2013 and 2015, so here’s hoping that third time is the charm!

One day, it may get expanded yet again… there’s a novel in there that’s fighting to get out. In the meantime, all shortlisted stories will be published in the anthology, Mask, after the final winner is announced in November. Mask will then be available on Amazon as both a high-quality paperback and Kindle download.

Congratulations to all those (seniors and juniors) who shortlisted, and all those who entered—it’s hard exposing your work to the criticism of others. See you at the (online) prize giving!

Click here to read today’s announcement:

H.G. Wells Short Story Competition Shortlist Announcement

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