About Lee

If you are in any doubt, Lee is a wanna-be-author.

Lee quit the corporate world in late 2017 to write full time.  Before that, he was the strategic lead for some of the U.K.’s most iconic brands including Saga, the AA, and the parent company of the Radio Times. In 2015, he was the co-founder of Kappu (kappu.earth), an Internet start-up focusing on peer-to-peer learning. Before all that though, he was (and probably still is, at heart) an engineer.

En route, he somehow managed to acquire a BSc, MBA and a Doctorate and is an advocate of life-long learning.

Heavy workloads didn’t leave much space for fiction, but since 2012, Lee’s been writing. Initial success came through the H.G. Wells Short Story Competition who shortlisted and published “Class” in 2013 and then “Flight” in 2015. Both are available in the downloads section. Encouraged by this, his focus began to shift away from the 9-5 grind and towards thoughts of a more realistic work life balance based around writing.


Hard at work – visualising…something

Over 2014 and 2015 Lee worked part-time on the initial draft of his first novel, Waterguard (now called Yemaya). Yemaya is currently sitting in his virtual desk drawer, waiting to be honed for submission. Its time is imminent. Or not. It may stay there for ever, a victim of first-novel syndrome.

The urge to write was finally realised in late 2017. Since then, Lee has been scribbling full-time* and can now truthfully call himself a professional author; having been published three times (for money!) by Thanet Writers – a group that supports new authors in, well, Thanet. Obviously. You can find the links to these stories in the “Published” section.

His focus is on historical horror for his first novel and several of his short stories / flash fiction pieces, but has recently expanded to experiment with speculative fiction and work which “just takes his fancy”.

Lee lives in Thanet, on the North Kent coast, from which he takes much of his inspiration. Outside of writing, he’s a happily married man (strange to say, these days) and dad to two full-grown kids and one ageing moggie. His other loves include an eclectic music collection, the odd bit of strategic computer gaming, a wide interest in technology and tinkering with his car and motorbike.

Lee considers himself to be in his writing apprenticeship and is keen to hear constructive feedback – please feel free to write via the Contacts page.

Naturally, he’d be super-keen to hear from any agents or publishers that might wander by!

If you are desperate to hear a bit more about Lee, check out his recent interview with Thanet Writers, here.


*  Well, mostly full-time.