Free Stories

On this page you will find some flash fiction and short stories for you to download, read and (hopefully) enjoy.

Please note that all downloads are (c) Lee Stoddart. You are free to print one copy of each, read them, and share them with your friends…but please don’t alter them, remove Lee’s copyright assertion or claim them as your own.

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Clear Blue Waters

The memory of an early-morning Scottish loch.

Clear Blue Waters – August 2020

The Hero

A reluctant goblin takes on a great hero to try to save her race, with little chance of success.

The Hero – February 2020


A monk from Canterbury investigates rumours of heresy on the Island of Lomea, just off the ancient port of Sandwich. It’s “flipper-gripping horror!” (Gill Laker)

Lomea – January 2019

Johnny in the Waiting Room

Johnny awakes to find himself in an other-worldly waiting room, where his eternal- future is on the line.

Johnny in the Waiting Room – November 2018

From The Diary of Jane Pugin

An horrific re-imagining of the demise of notable Victorian architect and Ramsgatonian Augustus Pugin, with a distinctly Neo-Lovecraftian (?!) flavour.

From the Diary of Jane Pugin – September 2018

The Wanna-Be-Author

The Wanna-Be-Author was Lee’s second piece published by Thanet Writers, telling the frustrations and challenges of breaking free of the nine to five. Originally drafted in 2012, maybe its just a touch autobiographical?

The Wanna Be Author – June 2018

Steamed Punks

Steamed Punks was Lee’s first piece of published flash fiction, courtesy of Thanet Writers. Set in the Margate Literary & Scientific Institute, it never pays to underestimate the curator.

Steamed Punks – May 2018

Degrees of Separation

Degrees of Separation was first shortlisted and published in the H.G. Wells Short Story Competition Anthology, Class, in 2015. Two people, separated by class, are fated to love each other.

Note that the paragraph formatting, grammar and spelling have all been left as per the competition submission in the “unedited” file, below. Not out of laziness, but out of a sense of preserving the origins of the piece. If you want to read the fully edited version, click on the “as published” version.

Degrees of Separation (unedited) – July 2015

Degrees of Separation (as published by HGW) – July 2015


Diaspora was Lee’s first published piece. Shortlisted in the 2013 H.G. Wells Short Story Competition, it was included in theAnthology Flight. 

Note that, like Degrees of Separation,  the paragraph formatting, grammar and spelling have all been left as per the competition submission in the “unedited” version. If you want to read the corrected version, click on the “as published” version.

Diaspora (unedited) – June 2013

Diaspora (as published by HGW) – June 2013