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Facebook Live Q&A for Derwent Valley LitFest (recorded 29/06/19)
My first ever FB Live and my first ever video Q&A! Thanks to Richard and everyone at Derwent Valley LitFest for giving me the opportunity.


Featured Author on (published 12/01/19)
My first interview of 2019! Outlines my ambitions and some insight into my process – as much as I have one at the moment!


Trying Out NaNoWriMo  (published 20/11/18)
Thanet Writers have published an article on my experience of my first attempt at NaMoWriMo.


Thanet Writers Q&A  (published16/09/18)
My First ever published interview as a writer, courtesy of Thanet Writers. I think they were desperate! Find out a bit about my background, things that inspire me and my goals and ambitions.