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Very happy to announce that Thanet Writers have today published a piece of my flash fiction, Jilted.

Its a tongue-in-cheek tale of Victorian murder. If I say much more, I’m in danger of writing more words than in the story! It’s just 750-odd words (and some of the usual ones). Ideal to read on your phone on the way in or home from work (unless you are driving).

Go on, give it a go!

Jilted on Thanet Writers

Jilted came out of an Inspirations homework some time ago, and has been looking for a home once it was finished properly. Thanks for being that home, Thanet Writers!


In other news, the beta read of my novel, Waterguard should be completed very soon. Last pages going out to readers this week! My focus on WG is really why my short-story output has stalled. Hopefully, should be able to get a few of the ideas I’ve got brewing out (they may now be stewed).


My other distraction has been the HG Wells Short Story Competition. The competition closed on the 8th July and we had a phenomenal volume of entries this year (50% up on last year, which was about 50% up on the previous year) and I (along with all the other judges) have been reading and scoring the stories. The short list will be announced, as every year, on HGW’s birthday – the 21st September.


Finally, my usual plea. Please, if you’d like to help a struggling author, don’t just ‘like’ my FB posts. To get them a higher audience, the algorithm needs to see ‘loves’ and, more importantly, actual comments! So, say what you liked – or even what you didn’t! Most appreciated of all would be to share it with your friends – named individuals, groups or the public – with a suitably inspiring comment to get them to look. Honestly, it’s the only way any small endeavour like this can hope to grow.


Thanks for reading this far! Hope you find time to read some of the other FREE stories I’ve posted on my website… over here! If you haven’t seen it, you might like to take a look at my first ever live video event for the Derwent Valley Litfest, you can see it here.


Ta-ta for now!



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