Yellow and Johnny in the Waiting Room

IMG_2128Yellow – The 2018 Anthology of the Inspirations Writers Group

Over the weekend, I was delighted to receive my author’s copy of Yellow, the 2018 anthology of the Inspirations Writers Group. It’s the third in the series; the first being Red, the second Orange… I’m sure you can see where this series is going. I believe there are a few of the earlier books still available. Alas, I was late to the party and I’m not in them. Yellow will be formally launched to the public in January, but you can already order a copy, here, on Carol Salter’s website. I believe Amazon are also selling the e-book.

Carol is chair of Inspirations Writers and has just published her third novel, Gristle’s Revenge, the sequel to Witch on the Warpath. Congratulations Carol! I’m looking forward to reading them both – but my good lady wife has pinched them before I had a chance. D’oh. Buy your own copy here.

I’ve been going to the group for about six-months now. Regular readers (there must be one or two?!) will know that I go to a number of different groups over the course of a month (most recently, the Write-ins for NaNoWriMo organised by Thanet Writers).

I get different things from different groups. Inspirations Writers (at Westgate Library, fourth Saturday of the month from 1030; should you be interested) has really helped me to move forward on my writing apprenticeship. Great critiquing and lots of advice, mini-workshops and, yes, HOMEWORK.

I really like the homework. It forces me to write about something I haven’t previously considered or in a way which is new to me. It makes me think. I’ve used the homework on a number of occasions to springboard into a longer story. From the Diary of Jane Pugin (see the Free Stories page) and Ham, Egg and Chips (watch this space!) are good examples. So is Johnny in the Waiting Room. It was a story I had an idea (and a title) for, but no urgency to write after a couple of false starts. But, it felt like a good story for the anthology, particularly with the link to the robes used by the Spanish Inquisition. Different colours having different significance. Yellow, being the colour of the penitent heretic.

So, Yellow sees the birth of Johnny in the Waiting Room, amongst a host of other works by local writers from the group: shorts, flash and yes, even poetry. It’s a celebration of the group and the achievements of the people that go to it. I hope you’ll grab a copy (order here!) and I hope you enjoy it!

If you’d like to just read Johnny in the Waiting Room, you can read it in my Free Stories section, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a lovely paper copy? Go on, you know you want to!


I’d particularly like to thank Karen Ince for doing the final edit and proof reading on Johnny in the Waiting Room. Find her here. There were also two anonymous rounds of critique. Obviously, I don’t know who read my efforts (I have my suspicions), but thanks for the thoughtful feedback!



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